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These are paintings that I developed as a result of collecting old cookbooks. Jell-O, or gelatin, was once marketed as an all-in-one food. It could be used as a main dish, a side salad or dessert by using ingredients that are morally reprehensible.

I was attracted to the forms of the molded salads, and intrigued by the revolting recipes. I wanted to paint the forms, but couldn’t think of an interesting way to do it. It struck me that tablecloths would be interesting. Both large, patterned and flexible, the tablecloth doubly referred back to picnics with jell-o salads, and a surface on which to paint.

Each step of the creation of the paintings touched on domestic roles. I had to iron these plastic tablecloths! I wanted the final pieces to refer to flags, as in a large castle with a flag representing each country.